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Dyson Tap Hand Dryer vs Velo Concept3
Properly drying your hands is an important part of maintaining good hand hygiene. Using hand dryers is considered the most effective method when it co..
Dyson Air-Blade Hand Dryer vs Velo Veltia Tri-Blade Ionshield
>Think about how things have changed with time! The regular paper towel rolls are being replaced by the hand dryers. Choosing a hand dryer that is ..
Dyson V Blade Hand Dryer vs Velo Veltia Fusion
In the dynamic landscape of modern hygiene, hand dryers have become indispensable contributors to public health and convenience. Beyond the obvious be..
Bradley Airstream Hand Dryer vs Velo Veltia Tri-Blade Ionshield
Gone are the days of soggy paper towels leaving your hands wet even after using so many, as innovative dryers have revolutionised the way we dry our h..
Velo Veltia Tri-Blade Ionshield Vs Mitsubishi Jet Towel
If you're considering buying a hand dryer, we've got an exciting comparison for you between two remarkable hand dryers: the Velo Veltia Tri-Blade Ions..
Bobrick QuietDry Hand Dryer vs Velo Veltia Fusion
So, you're on the hunt for the perfect hand dryer for your space, and the contenders in the ring are the Velo Veltia Fusion and the Bobrick Automatic ..
Xlerator Hand Dryer vs Velo Veltia Fusion
In the age of heightened hygiene awareness, the choice between hand dryers and traditional paper towels has never been more significant. Hand dryers h..
What Are the Fastest Hand Dryers Of 2023
If you're looking for a quick and efficient way to dry your hands, consider investing in one of the fastest hand dryers available in 2023. High speed ..
How To Install A Baby Changing Unit
Installing a baby changing unit is a great way to make your home more convenient and safe for those with infants. With the increasing popularity of ba..
We’ve all been there before. You’re out and about when nature calls. You find a public toilet, but it’s dirty, smelly, and unpleasant. It’s a frustrat..
We’re all familiar with the importance of air quality, but what about indoor air quality? In particular, how do HEPA filters play an essential role in..
What Are The Best Commercial Hand Dryers?
Hand dryers are a staple of many commercial bathrooms and washrooms, providing a convenient and efficient way for people to dry their hands. But when ..
Do Environment Friendly Hand Dryers Exist?
Hand dryers have been in use for over a hundred years, and you might be surprised to find out that they are still considered a luxury. They were initi..
Benefits Of Energy-Efficient Hand Dryers
There are many benefits of using energy-efficient hand dryers for businesses and consumers. From saving money on utility bills to reducing your carbon..
Most Hygienic Way to Dry Hands
When it comes to the spread of germs and bacteria, there's no question that hand drying is a crucial step in preventing the spread of illness. Wet han..
What Are The Benefits Of An Automatic Hand Dryer?
We’ve all been there – you’re in a public restroom, and you have to choose between paper towels or automatic hand dryers. Maybe you’re in a hurry and ..
Best Hand Dryers Of 2022 – 2023
With technology constantly evolving, there are always new and improved models of hand dryers hitting the market. But with so many different models and..
Hand Dryers Buyers Guide
Outfitting commercial bathrooms can be tricky. Considerations include the design and layout of your facilities, how the bathrooms will be used, as wel..
Where Should Toilet Grab Bars Be Placed or Installed?
For many people getting older means losing some of their mobility. As a consequence, everyday tasks like stepping in and out of the shower or using th..
Safety Tips To Follow While Using A Baby Changing Table
Using a baby changing table is a great convenience for mothers and all busy parents. Baby changing stations are designed to provide a comfortable spot..
Why Public Drinking Water Fountains Are Important
Drinking from water fountains can take you instantly back to memories of childhood and school playgrounds. Access to clean drinking water is vital to ..
Hand Dryer Installation Heights Recommendations For Australian Bathrooms
The Australian hand dryer height regulations states: "Where provided, hand dryers shall be operable by one hand, and shall be installed with the ..
What are Bathroom Fixtures and Fittings?
Where to install grab bar for toilet? Professional grab bar installation requires that grab bars should be provided on the sidewall closest to the ..
Are Public Drinking Fountains Key To Reducing Plastic Waste?
We all need access to clean drinking water to survive. Western civilizations and the consumer era means that nowadays, rather than walking to a well, ..
Can You Install A Hand Dryer Over The Sink?
Once you have purchased your high-quality hand dryer, the next step is its installation which is just as important as the product itself. Finding the ..
Are Hand Dryers Hygienic?
There has never been a time in history where there has been such a strong focus on hygiene and sanitisation until today. Whether you are in the home, ..
Why Is A Soap Dispenser Very Important For A Bathroom?
A soap dispenser is becoming largely popular and indispensable in almost all the bathrooms in your home, workplace, and any other commercial places wh..
5 Accessories That Every Commercial Bathroom Needs
A commercial bathroom is a little different to your bathroom at home. There are multiple cubicles; often a row of urinals in the men's bathroom and th..
5 Reasons You Should Choose Velo Hand Dryers For Your Business
Velo Hand Dryers challenge the market leaders in hand dryers. They give Dyson a run for their money when it comes to design, innovation, speed and whe..
5 things to know before buying a baby change table
When a baby comes along, it really does change your life. There are so many baby items and equipment to buy and it can become expensive, but also conf..
Understanding the Variety & Costs Of Soap Dispensers
The first step to installing the right soap dispenser is to understand the different types of soap dispensers on the market and of course the cos..
Are You Complying With Disabled Heights For Hand Dryers?
Did you know that one if five Australians live with some kind of disability? The notion that most people are the same is a naive one, and as we move t..
The Future Of Hand Dryers
Commercial hand dryers tend to have an average lifespan of 5 years, but some old workhorses can blast out noisy, hot air for decades without being con..
Using A Hand Dryer The Right Way To Reduce Germs
The change of seasons brings with it an influx of germs, bugs, colds and flu viruses.  There are the basics we can all do to reduce the spread of..
The Importance of Green Targets for Facilities Managers
Great article written by Jo Ann Duff at HPA Group about the importance of green targets for facility managers. We were fortunate enough to have our Ve..
Is A Hand Dryer With Heat Better?
Drying times for hand dryers are a key factor in bathroom hygiene. After all, it's why they are there! Wet hands mean a spread of germs and an uncomfo..
How Veltia solved the water drainage issue
Hand dryers stayed the same for many, many years until the innovation and design of the tri-blade and air blade models came along and shook up the ind..
Guide To Buying A Second-hand Dryer
Facilities and building managers are always watching the bottom line and working with tight budgets, so when it can be a good idea to look at buying s..
Maintenance Tips For Hand Dryers
Maintaining a hand dryer may not be the first thought for a facilities manager, or cleaning staff, but it’s important to ensure that the hand dryers y..
What to consider when installing a hand dryer?
There are quite a few considerations to take into account before deciding to place or install your hand dryer. Just picking a spot and fixing it on th..
Are Hand Dryers More Hygienic
There are two firm camps when it comes to deciding if hand dryers, or paper towels, are more hygienic. One side will argue that hand dryers blow bacte..
Are Hand Dryers The Green Choice?
Facilities managers and cleaners need to provide a washroom service which is fast, clean, low cost and with minimum maintenance. What they also need t..
Velo Showcases Product Range At Barangaroo Architect Event
The Velo team was proud to take part in their first architectural, interiors and landscape event at the iconic Barangaroo Cutaway. It was a ..
Velo Veltia Tri-Blade Promotional Video
Here is sneak peek at our new video to promote the Velo Veltia Tri-Blade which will be featured at the next Architect event in Sydney October 13th at ..
What to Consider When Sourcing Hand Dryers for Disabled Toilets
Does the dryer make too much noise? Some people might get affected by loud noises. Also, does the dryer take up a lot of space? Disabled toilets ne..
The Velo Fuga Hand Dryer
Are you shopping for a new hand dryer for your new commercial space or business? Check out the Velo Fuga hand dryer. So, why should you choose the ..
How Much Do hand Dryers Cost
Are you setting up your new business or planning to build a new commercial building? You may have plenty of matters that need your attention and they ..
How To Choose A Hand Dryer
With so many options available today on the market for hand dryers it can be difficult to determine which models are the best options for your needs. ..
Hand Dryers for Schools
If you are looking to purchase hand dryers for schools, then there are a number of points to consider to ensure that you select the right hand dryers...
4 Things You Did Not Know About Hand Dryers
These days, more and more toilets have electric hand dryers instead of paper towels. This is because electric hand dryers offer a cost-efficient optio..
Velo Veltia Tri-Blade Hand Dryer Vs Paper Hand Towels Cost Comparison
When it comes to hand drying options, you have two main choices – hand dryers and paper towels. While some people prefer towels, others like hand drye..
Velo Fuga Automatic Hand Dryers Vs Paper Towels Cost Comparison
When it comes to hand drying options, you have two main choices – hand dryers and paper towels. While some people prefer towels, others like hand drye..
Velo Bigflow Hand Dryer
The competitively priced Velo Bigflow hand dryer combines low noise and class with one of the best warranty's in its class. It's sleek European design..
How Much Do Dyson Hand Dryers Cost?
Dyson hand dryers offer significant cost savings for businesses when compared to paper towel use in bathrooms that are frequently used. The cost savin..
Dyson Airblade V Velo Hand Dryers
With so many options for hand dryers available on the market, it is a good idea to do some research before you settle on a hand dryer brand for your b..
Comparing Davidson, Jet Dryer and VELO Hand Dryers
If you are planning to buy hand dryers for your business, you have probably heard about all of the different brands including Mediclinics, VELO and Mi..
Dyson Airblade Vs Velo Veltia Triblade Hand Dryer Maintenance
 While Dyson Airblade and Velo Veltia, both are excellent products, there are several key differences between them. One of those differences is t..
Velo Veltia Tri-Blade Vs Mediclinics Dual Flow Plus Hand Dryer
In this video you will see how the Velo Tri-Blade hand dryer goes against the Davidson Washroom Mediclinics Dual Flow Plus hand dryer. Velo Veltia ..
Velo Veltia Tri-Blade Hand Dryer Vs Jet Dryer Executive 2
In this video you will see how the Velo Tri-Blade hand dryer goes against the Jet Dryer Executive 2 hand dryer. Velo Veltia Tri-Blade Hand Dryer ..
Velo Veltia Tri-Blade Vs Mitsubishi Jet Towel Slim Hand Dryer
In this video, you will see how the Velo Tri-Blade hand dryer stacks up against the  Mitsubishi Jet Towel Slim hand dryer Velo Veltia Tri-Blad..
Hand Dryers Vs Paper Towels
When it comes to hand dryers and paper towels most studies are based on old models from years ago. The truth is, paper doesn't stand a chanc..
Velo Fuga Hand Dryer - The Most Energy Efficient Hand Dryer
The Velo Fuga is one of the fastest and most energy efficient hand dryers in the world, using on 800 watts of power. It has a modern Europea..
Velo Veltia Tri-Blade Hand Dryer - Now With Ionshield Technology
Velo Veltia’s new hand dryer with inbuilt ion technology is one of the most revolutionary dryers on the market.  It offer unmatched comfort,..
Velo Veltia Triblade Vs The World
See how the Velo Veltia Triblade compares with other competitors like Dyson, Jet Dryer, Mitsubishi and Davidson Washroom hand dryers. The infogra..
The Strange History of Hand Dryers
Although technology is changing everywhere, there have been some significant advancements in a place that you are least likely to look, the toilets. A..
Major Benefits of Warm-Air Hand Dryers?
Warm air hand dryers - incredibly innovative equipments Hand wash is indeed the most evident form of germs remover, for it is highly effective in d..
5 Benefits Of Choosing A Jet Dryer Over A Conventional Hand Dryer
Washroom hand dryers are usually seen as being more cost effective and environmentally friendly than paper towels. They reduce paper waste, litter, v..