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Are Hand Dryers More Hygienic

There are two firm camps when it comes to deciding if hand dryers, or paper towels, are more hygienic. One side will argue that hand dryers blow bacteria and water droplets around, while the other says that hand dryers reduce waste, which hangs around and harbours germs.

What’s the most hygienic way to wash your hands?

The most hygienic way to wash your hands is to scrub them thoroughly with warm water and soap, then dry as quickly as possible, eliminating any ‘nasties’ that hang around in the water.

Paper Towel Pro’s and Con’s

It can be argued though that paper towels dry hands quickly, and the sheets head straight to the bin. It’s true that paper towels offer a quick hand drying process, but there are some things to consider.


Most of us have walked into an office, or a public restroom and seen dirty, wet, paper towels strewn across the floor. Not only is it a trip hazard, but also, the water-logged paper towels are a haven for bugs and bacteria to linger and grow. Not only that, facilities managers and cleaning contractors need to ensure that the paper towel dispensers are always re-filled. There is also the waste issue; ensuring that paper towels are disposed of, and not co-mingled with non-recyclable rubbish.


Hand Dryer Pro’s and Con’s

It is true that older models of hand dryers had much longer drying times and that bacteria could blow around. However, as with all kinds of technology, new models and innovations are happening all the time. The hand dryer industry continuously launches new products to the market, which improve the drying process and reduce the spread of bacteria.

Hand Dryer Innovations:

Sensor-driven, no button to touch

Reduced energy consumption

Faster drying times

Odour neutralising


Low noise

So, which choice is best?

If you are looking for improved hygiene, less overhead cost, OHS issues and fast drying times, then a new hand-dryer is the way to go. If you are new to the market or looking to upgrade, it’s worth browsing online.

You can buy quality aftermarket hand dryers with up to date technology for a great price, due to the wonderful world of online purchasing. Look for a hand dryer that doesn’t need special electrical wiring set up, and also look for a reputable dealer within Australia, so you have peace of mind when it comes to safety, warranty and returns.

A clean, efficient washroom frees up the time of cleaners and facilities managers, so they can get on with the job of improving other areas of your building, all while keeping your patrons happy and well!