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Hand Dryer Installation Heights Recommendations For Australian Bathrooms

The Australian hand dryer height regulations states: "Where provided, hand dryers shall be operable by one hand, and shall be installed with the height of their operative component or outlet not less than 900 mm and not more than 1100 mm above the plane of the finished floor, and no closer than 500 mm from an internal corner".


Hand dryers are a convenient appliance used in the majority of public and private bathrooms and washrooms. However, this convenience and the usefulness of the dryer is compromised if it is not installed at a standard height to enable every user to use it with ease. It’s also important to note that hand dryer standard heights in regular washrooms differ from a hand dryer height in the disabled toilet. You might have seen different hand dryer heights Australia-wide because the availability of a wide range of hand dryers in Australia means that different hand dryer mounting heights should be considered for each individual type and model in line with the space used. 

Traditional warm air hand dryers now have competition from blade hand dryers, high speed hand dryers and hybrid hand dryers as design and engineering evolves. A standard height for hand dryers is not possible due to different locations, room size and foot traffic flow. Below are some hand dryer height recommendations based on well-known brands and are a useful reference point when installing hand dryers.  These are the general recommendations for different age groups and disabled users who are categorized as “hands-under or blowdown” hand dryers and “hands-in or blade type” hand dryers. 

Also, please note that there are certain things you will need to consider when installing a hand dryer in a disabled washroom. If you are installing a disabled hand dryer, be sure to read our useful guide on the subject "Are You Complying With Disabled Heights For Hand Dryers?"

Recommended Hand Dryer Installation Heights

For hands-under or conventional hand dryers where the air flows from the air outlet to the floor: the recommended heights for hand dryers are:
Men’s washrooms – 1170 mm
Women’s washrooms – 1120 mm
Children’s washrooms, ages 4-7 – 810 mm
Children’s washrooms, ages 7-10 – 910 mm
Children’s washrooms, ages 10-13 – 1020 mm
Children’s washrooms, ages 13-17 – 1120 mm
Disabled Mounting Height – 940mm

For hands-in or blade type hand dryers such as Dyson Air blade and Velo veltia tri-blade hand dryers you must align the top of the hand dryer above the floor to these heights:
Male - 1050 mm
Female - 975 mm
Child/Disabled - 875 mm

hand dryer heights​​​

You must clearly follow manufacturer and industry guidelines for hand dryer installation dependent on the type of dryer you choose. Blade hand dryers require a different clearance space in order to access the drip tray or other serviceable parts so adapting to the manufacturer’s instructions can help you install and maintain it better.  So, be sure to take into consideration how the unit will be cleaned and serviced before installing.