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Are You Complying With Disabled Heights For Hand Dryers?

Did you know that one if five Australians live with some kind of disability? The notion that most people are the same is a naive one, and as we move to become a more inclusive nation, it’s essential to cater to every Australian. When you are planning the design of your commercial washroom, or public bathroom, it is vital to think about the space you have, and the space you need to ensure appropriate disabled access.

There are a few key factors, such as hand dryer height and positioning to consider before you install your commercial hand dryers. Check out our Velo Hand Dryer guide to doing it correctly.

What’s the correct height of a hand dryer for disabled access?

First and foremost you must comply with the Australian Standard Design for access and mobility. The national standard states that all main components and outlets of hand dryers, soap dispensers and towel dispensers have to be installed between 900mm and 1100mm above the floor. They must also be installed a further 500mm or more from any corners in a disabled access bathroom.  What’s more, all hand dryers, soap and towel dispensers must be able to be used with just one hand.

How do I choose the right-hand dryer for disabled bathrooms?

When it comes to choosing the right washroom facilities for a disabled bathroom in Australia, you need to think outside just the fixing height on the wall. All patrons of the accessible toilet need to have a comfortable experience and easy usability. For example;- Modern blade hand dryers meant the user has to stand up and lean over the dryer which will not be possible and could be distressing to the user. A hand dryer with a simple button push, or better yet a hand sensor would be much easier to use. Another good tip is to think about the space required for a standard wheelchair. Can they manoeuvre easily once in the cubicle? 

Disabilities are not always physical, and some people are highly sensitive to loud noises.  If you are looking for a hand dryer which is easy to use,  look for one with low noise and quick dry times. These factors are also helpful if a carer is required to assist someone in the disabled bathroom. 

What are the best hand dryers for disabled bathrooms?

Velo hand dryers has a large number of high quality, low noise and energy efficient hand dryers to suit all kinds of bathrooms. Our team have experience in fitting out disabled washrooms and highly recommend our popular Velo Fuga model. The Velo Fuga is one of the fastest and most energy efficient hand dryers in the world. It has a modern European design and extremely competitively priced. It's ideal for high traffic areas including hotels, airports, clubs, universities, sports stadiums, shopping malls, offices and cinemas. Its quick-drying mechanism, low noise and easy to use infra-red sensor make it the perfect hand dryer for disabled bathrooms in Australia.

​​​Velo hand dryers keep up with the highest standards of quality the ISO-9001:2000 certification which guarantees the process of Design, Manufacturing and Commercialisation of all Velo products. All this reinforces our promise of technical innovation and quality, along with durability and consistently high performance.
Find out more about the Velo Fuga and our other wide range of hand dryers suitable for disabled bathrooms in Australia by contacting one of the friendly Velo hand dryer team!