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5 Benefits Of Choosing A Jet Dryer Over A Conventional Hand Dryer

Washroom hand dryers are usually seen as being more cost effective and environmentally friendly than paper towels.

They reduce paper waste, litter, vandalism, expenses, and maintenance. They improve the cleanliness of the washroom and are always available for use. However, others have questioned the eco-friendly quality. They argue that dryers use up too much energy and contribute to noise pollution. These are valid points for a conventional hand dryer, but not for a jet dryer. When it comes to hand dryers in AU, going with jet styles will bring you these five benefits.

1. They Come With All the Perks of Conventional Dryers

Although traditional dryers aren’t perfect, most of their advantages are undeniable. Jet dryers share these same advantages. They decrease the amount of paper used and thrown away. They save money for your venue by eliminating the need to continually purchase paper towel refills. They free up time for your workers since they don’t need to place towels in a dispenser or clean up paper messes. It virtually eliminates damages caused from people flushing towels down the toilet, clogging up sinks, and throwing wet wads on walls and ceilings.

They also stop the spread of germs that comes with having to touch dispenser handles or pick up dirty towels. You can even find a jet dryer like the Veltia that has antimicrobial technology, a HEPA filter, and odour removers built into it. The V-Jet also has antimicrobial protection. Germ prevention is especially beneficial for you and your employees as it may decrease your chances of getting sick and not being able to work.

2. They Are More Energy Efficient

Some brands, such as Veltia, use up to 85 percent less energy than a conventional hand dryer. This quality makes it an easy way for your business to go green. Moreover, the energy efficiency not only is beneficial to the planet but also to your budget. Your electric bill will be considerably lower than if you use a traditional dryer.

One reason why jet hand dryers in AU use less energy is that they are quicker at drying. The Veltia and V-Jet styles only need 10 to 15 seconds to dry your hands. The Fuga is even faster, with a drying time of 10 to 12 seconds.

3. They Are Quiet

Many patrons, especially those with sensitivities or young children, hate the incredibly loud noise of the conventional hand dryer. A jet dryer is significantly less noisy. It makes the washroom experience less frightening for kids or less frustrating for people sensitive to loud sounds. It may also be beneficial to other patrons in your venue depending on the location of your bathroom. No one likes when someone leaves the washroom and the deafening whirring of the hand dryer can be heard until the door closes. It disturbs the peace or focus of the place, or at best, is simply distracting or annoying.

4. They Are Durable

You might be concerned with the seemingly expensive price of jet hand dryers in AU. The truth is that although the upfront cost is high, the long-term cost is low. Besides all the savings in paper towels and maintenance the dryers provide, they also save you money by eliminating the need for dispensers. Those plastic containers break so easily and have to be replaced often. Metal ones may last longer, but they look cheap and get easily damaged.

A jet dryer, on the other hand, is extremely durable and will last you for years. It can withstand the high daily use, especially since there is little contact made with the dryer because it works by sensors and not by a button as a conventional hand dryer does.

5. They Are More Modern Looking

The way a washroom looks affects the way customers perceive your business. When you have low-quality products in your washroom, it deters people from wanting to stay and lowers their view of your standards and trustworthiness. Installing jet hand dryers in AU will enhance both the appearance of your washroom and perception of your company. A jet dryer is modern and sleek in design. It isn’t bulky since it doesn’t have parts sticking out. Some models, like the Veltia and V-Jet, come in more colours than just your standard white or stainless steel. You can also choose from aluminum, black, blue, Bordeaux, champagne, cherry, chrome, deep blue, and red. A pop of colour can be the just the touch you need to make your washroom look classy and clean.

Ditch the Conventional Hand Dryer

It’s easy to understand why jet dryers are the best hand dryers in AU. They give you all the perks that come with using any type of hand dryer. In addition, they are extremely economical in energy usage and long lasting so you save money over the years. Their quiet sound and modern design improve the look of your washroom and opinion of your business. With no disadvantages to a jet dryer, there is no reason not to have one in your washroom.