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Why Public Drinking Water Fountains Are Important

Drinking from water fountains can take you instantly back to memories of childhood and school playgrounds. Access to clean drinking water is vital to any human being and important to maintain vitality and  good health. Access to public drinking water is incredibly important for members of the public, those that may not have access to a home and of course our furry friends when out on walks. 

Drinking water fountain

As the summer gets near, the need for drinking water increases, however, we tend to buy single use water bottles from shops rather than search for a water fountain. Alternatively, we grab sugar or energy drinks from the local store. By doing so, we face two big issues, one serious one is the obvious health issue and the regular consumption of these drinks which causes diabetes, cavities problems, and other health problems. The other issue is the high consumption of plastic bottles creating a danger to our green planet as plastic materials are highly hazardous to the environment and commonly end up in landfills rather than recycling.

Outdoor Drinking Water Fountains

Drinking fountains, also called water bubblers, are usually located in a central spot in a park or public space which connects people to the place. This goes way back in history when we used to gather or meet near water or streams. 

Some fountains in the older times due to their architectural design are considered the best places for free public refreshment. People tend to sit and enjoy some moments with fresh drinking water. Hence, water fountain manufacturers came up with the ideal product to provide a quality place for clean drinking water for free, to all members of the public. Now, these outdoor drinking water fountains can be installed easily and are durable, effective and can serve the public for many years to come. 

water fountain

How Do You Get These Free Drinking Water Fountains?

Most local councils and governing community bodies see the important need to provide access to free drinking water fountains in different areas including parks, schools, and many social high foot areas.

Usually, people fulfilling drinking water necessities outside the home face a big cost when they are buying drinking water on the high street  On the opposite side think about how much is a drinking water fountain for the drinker.  You will just get one specific answer; the cost will be zero with even nothing as the dangerous plastic waste in the way of drinking.

Drinking Water Fountains With Water Bottle Filler

There are many locations seen where people hardly have the access to drinking water for free and they in extreme conditions need to buy plastic water bottles which are expensive for them. They still had to do that because no other free opportunity for them is available. Now many local bodies fully stress the installation of the drinking fountain with water bottle filler so that the needy can reach easily without any further cost and many people can get the advantage from one spot. Moreover, the reduction in the waste of plastic bottles isn't an amazing change!

Velo Drinking Water Fountains

Our stainless steel water fountains are designed in such a manner that they are easy to use, highly environmentally friendly, durable, vandal resistant, and highly hygienic for providing fresh, clean, and healthier water to the communities. 

The lifespan of these water drinking fountains is high whereas the cost is minimal for them. It does have the water filler attached to it and can be used by many people. They are totally different from the older fountains where the water was warm. 

Nowadays, many different mini-size water cooler drinking fountains have cooling power and can provide cold drinking water at easy reach with no problems involved. As designed with a filtration system that will stop health-hazardous elements like lead to get in the water and provide advantageous elements to flow with water like fluoride which keeps the teeth strong and removes cavities.