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Using A Hand Dryer The Right Way To Reduce Germs

The change of seasons brings with it an influx of germs, bugs, colds and flu viruses.  There are the basics we can all do to reduce the spread of germs such as sneezing into a tissue or your elbow, washing hands frequently and keeping your telephone and keyboard clean.

However, when it comes to using a hand dryer in public bathroom, people tend not to use them correctly and instead of reducing bacteria and germs we can end up unwittingly spreading them! Following some simple tips can help reduce the spread of germs in public places and more importantly reduce the chances of you getting sick.



Wash Thoroughly

Yes, this may make your eyes roll, and you may say “I wash my hands every single time!” but here at Velo, we know the truth that nearly half of Australians don’t wash at all! ! There are two categories when it comes to the average person in a public bathroom. When you are alone you may get your hands wet and may dab a bit of soap, but it’s barely a dip, and you are off to the hand dryer for 5 seconds and out the door wiping your hands on your jeans. The second category is when you have someone next to you at the sink.  Suddenly you are like a doctor scrubbing up for surgery and go over and above washing your hands thoroughly and for twice as long as necessary! The key is balance and remembering to wash every single time. A really easy to remember tip is to lather up your hands and then count to 20 in your head. That’s all you need to remember for a thorough hand wash!



Shake It Off!

No, not like Taylor Swift, but if you do want to dance over to the hand dryer, there`s nothing stopping you! Some people forget to give wet hands a good shake before heading over to the hand dryer. This is a crucial step as it maximises the drying time once you get to the hand dryer, but you also avoid dripping dirty water everywhere which becomes a great spot for bacteria and germs to breed and becomes a nasty slip and trip hazard for others.




Read The Instructions

Humans aren’t very good at reading instructions. Think about the last time you went to Ikea or had to set up your new TV. Did you read the little booklet? Or spend twice as long ‘figuring it out yourself?’ All hand dryers are not the same and a quick 5-second read of the instructions can have you out the door with dry clean hands in no time. Where you hold your hands under the hand dryer is important to give an even drying experience and reduces the chance of wet patches left on hands which can carry bugs.


Never Rub!

Our final tip is to never ever rub your hands under the dryer. For the most effective hand dryer experience keep your hands open and palms flat


There you have it. Some tips you never knew you needed, but which will reduce the germs and bacteria you can potentially pick up in public bathrooms.