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Velo Veltia Tri-Blade Vs Mediclinics Dual Flow Plus Hand Dryer

In this video you will see how the Velo Tri-Blade hand dryer goes against the Davidson Washroom Mediclinics Dual Flow Plus hand dryer.

Velo Veltia Tri-Blade Hand Dryer Vs Mediclinics Dual Flow Plus

If you’re planning to buy a hand dryer, we’re sure you have heard of Velo Veltia. It’s among the leading models of hand dryers in the market today. While you might be planning to buy the Veltia model, we would suggest doing some comparitive analysis to make sure that you’re making the right decision. Let’s compare the Veltia model with another leading hand dryer model in the market – Mediclinics Dual Flow Plus.

Let’s look at the dryers from the point of view of the end user. The user washes her hands and wants to dry them. She puts them in the dryer and waits for 6-8 seconds. Yes, that’s the average time that a user is going to spend waiting for the dryer to dry her hands. And Velo Veltia does its job in that time. Compare this to Mediclinics Dual Flow Plus that takes 8-15 seconds. That’s a lot of time. Users don’t generally wait that long to dry their hands.

Now let’s check the weight of the units. This isn’t something that would concern the user. However, the weight is important when it comes to shipping. Velo Veltia weighs just 9.55 kg, while the Dual Flow Plus weighs 12kg. A lighter unit is easy to install and carry away for maintenance activities.

Odour neutralisation
Velo Veltia makes sure that the users’ hands are not just dry, but also have no odour. With its odour neutralisation system, it absorbs the unwanted odours, leaving behind a clean and fresh feeling. Compare this to Mediclinics Dual Flow Plus that does not have an odour neutralisation system.

Anti-Bacterial properties
Mediclinics Dual Flow Plus makes sure that there are no bacteria in the hands area. Velo Veltia, on the other hand, makes sure that there are no bacteria in the hands area as well as the water tank.

Velo Veltia is available at $1,350 while Mediclinics Dual Flow Plus is available at $1,745. While Velo Veltia uses 3.9W per use, Mediclinics Dual Flow Plus uses 4.6W per use.

So, which hand dryer are you planning to buy?

velo veltia tri-blade vs davidson washroom