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Dyson Airblade V Velo Hand Dryers

With so many options for hand dryers available on the market, it is a good idea to do some research before you settle on a hand dryer brand for your business. While Dyson and VELO have both been recommended as leading hand dryers, make sure that you consider the differences between these two manufacturers and their leading models. Here is how Dyson and VELO hand dryers stack up when it comes to providing efficient hand dryers for your business.


​Hand Drying Speed

From the customer's perspective, hand drying time is the most important feature of a reliable hand dryer. You want a hand dryer that will dry hands quickly and completely. For the VELO Veltia, hand drying can be done in just 6-8 seconds while the Dyson Airblade takes 10-12 seconds. If you are looking for a high speed hand dryer, VELO offers a better option in this respect.

Noise Level

All hand dryers make noise. While you can't completely eliminate the noise that is made by a hand dryer, the Veltia offers a noise level of 74 dB. In contrast, the Dyson Airblade has a noise level of 84 dB. As a result, the VELO Veltia offers quieter operation than the Dyson model. 


Given the robust features, you would think that the VELO Veltia would be quite heavy. In fact, the Veltia weighs just 9.55 kg. This makes it less than 1.5 times the weight of the Dyson Airblade, which weighs 14.55 kg.

Power Consumption

For the power consumption, the Veltia has a power rating of 1760. The Dyson Airblade has a power rating of 1600. This means that the VELO Veltia consumes less power peruse than Dyson Airblade at 3.8W peruse as compared to the Dyson model at 4.4W peruse.

Antibacterial Protection

The antibacterial coating on the VELO Veltia also extends to the entire hand's area and water tank. In contrast, the Dyson Airblade only offers antibacterial protection on the blade only. This makes using the VELO Veltia a more hygienic option for drying your hands.


The VELO is also manufactured in Europe while the Dyson Airblade is manufactured in Malaysia. If you want the added benefits of a high-quality European hand dryer than the Veltia is the best option. Both products offer a 5-year warranty.

Features Only Found in VELO Hand Dryers

The Dyson Airblade also lacks a number of features that you can find in the VELO Veltia. For example, the VELO Veltia includes an odour neutraliser system. This odour neutraliser system is designed to help keep the environment around the hand dryer fresher and more pleasant.

In addition, the VELO Veltia features a water drainage system. The VELO Veltia is also available in 9 different colours so that you can find an option that works best for your business. In contrast, the Dyson Airblade is only available in two colour options: grey and white.

Check out the Dyson Vs Velo comparison video as well the video that showcases all of the features of the Velo Veltia Triblade Ionshield hand dryer below


Save More With VELO

If you are looking for an alternative to Dyson hand dryers, VELO hand dryers can also save your business money. Our VELO electric hand dryer range offers up to 95% savings when compared to the cost of using paper hand towels and savings of up to 70% in energy costs over other conventional hand dryers.

If you are looking for state-of-the-art European engineered and manufactured hand dryers for your business, VELO offers a full range of hand dryers. We provide the best hand dryers to a wide range of businesses, including distributors, contractors, architects and end-users. For more information please give us a call today on 0416398555 or email us