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Velo Air Tap Hand Dryer - Brass - 5 Year Warranty hover image

Velo Air Tap Hand Dryer - Brass - 5 Year Warranty

  Automatic electronic hand dryer in chromed brass. Model for mounting on countertop. Chromed brass finish gloss set. Robust, anti-va..

Velo Concept3 Hand Dryer - Black hover image

Velo Concept3 Hand Dryer - Black

The Concept3 is a revolutionary addition to the Velo collection. It unifies in one single body a total of three functions; liquid soap dispenser, hand..

$2,475.00 $2,706.00
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Air Tap Hand Dryers: The Perfect Combination of Tap and Hand Dryer

Discover the convenience and efficiency of Air Tap hand dryers, where functionality meets innovation. These unique hand dryers integrate a tap and hand dryer in one unit, providing a space-saving and streamlined solution for your washroom. With touch-free operation and efficient drying performance, Air Tap hand dryers offer a hygienic and convenient hand drying experience. Explore our range of Air Tap hand dryers and uncover the benefits of this innovative design.

Our Range of Tap Hand Dryers

  • Velo Concept3 Hand Dryer:
    • Bathroom sink set with a hand dryer, soap dispenser, and tap all-in-one with an electronic sensor.
    • Estimated drying time: 14-15 seconds.
    • Sound level at 2 meters: 65 dBA.
  • Velo Air Tap Hand Dryer:
    • Powerful airspeed of 305 km/h.
    • Estimated drying time: 10-12 seconds.
    • Convenient operation: Place your hands under the faucet, and the hand dryer activates automatically. The faucet switches off after a few seconds of removing your hands.

Uncover The Benefits:

  • Space-saving solution: Air Tap hand dryers integrate the functions of a tap and hand dryer into a single unit, optimizing space utilization in your washroom.
  • Convenience at your fingertips: Enjoy the convenience of a tap and hand dryer combined in one easy-to-use unit, eliminating the need for separate fixtures.
  • Efficient hand drying: Experience rapid drying times with powerful airspeed, ensuring quick and effective hand drying for users.
  • Hygienic operation: The touch-free or sensor-activated design reduces cross-contamination risks, promoting better hygiene in your washroom.
  • Modern and stylish: The sleek and contemporary design of Air Tap hand dryers adds a touch of sophistication to your washroom decor.

Select The Ideal One For You To Purchase!

With the ideal tap and hand dryer functions, you may upgrade your bathroom. Discover Air Tap hand dryers' simplicity and effectiveness right away. To improve your bathroom experience, decide which Air Tap hand dryers you prefer and buy them.