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Hand Dryers Vs Paper Towels

When it comes to hand dryers and paper towels most studies are based on old models from years ago. The truth is, paper doesn't stand a chance when it comes to the new technology used in today's turbo fast dryers.

High speed, energy efficient hand dryers such as the Velo V-Jet, Velo Veltia Triblade and Velo Fuga eliminate unhygienic paper towel mess, they eliminate vandalism from clogged toilets, they reduce costs in paper towel supplies, and they reduce bacteria or germs by drying hands completely in 6-15 seconds. 

When choosing hand dryers or paper towel, one must consider several factors. These include:

​* Cost savings of hand dryers adds up annually in paper towel costs - 95% saving approximately
* Cost savings of hand dryers adds up with less maintenance ie refilling paper towel dispensers 
* Energy Savings - Velo jet dryers save up to 85% energy compared with other hand dryers
* Hygiene - Velo jet dryers offer mircroban antibacterial protection and HEPA filter removing 99.9% bacteria from air
* Reducing vandalism such as clogged toilets ie cleaning paper towel from the floor and toilets
* Preserving the environment ie saving trees, water, land-fill space
* Saving fuel costs from heavy transit operations shipping mother rolls of paper
* Creating happy customers and restroom users
* The life expectancy of most quality, durable hand dryers are 7-10 years.
* Hand Dryers do require resources to build, and they do use resources and energy.  However, paper products use far more resources and require constant costs in   transportation operations as trucks transport high volumes of paper towel around the world.
* Recycled paper saves some resources.  However, recycled paper can only be used once and still ends up creating land-fill space.
* Recycled paper houses more bacteria than virgin paper.
* The pay back time in cost savings of paper towel for a hand dryer is just a few months

Refer to the table below to see the cost savings of using hand dryers vs paper hand towels

The calculations were based on the following assumptions:

* Avg cost of 1.25 cents per sheet
* 3 paper towel sheets per use
* 1 tree = 20000 paper towels
* VJet hand dryer power - 1760 watts
* Electricity cost - $0.23 kWh
* VJet - 15 second drying time
* VJet Triblade - 8 second drying time

hand dryers vs paper towels