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How Much Do hand Dryers Cost

Are you setting up your new business or planning to build a new commercial building? You may have plenty of matters that need your attention and they will pre-occupy your mind.

There will be a moment, when you realise that you have to pick the right hand dryer for the toilet.

hand dryers cost

In most scenarios, when it comes to purchasing and installation – upfront, a hand dryer will considerably cost you more when compared to a paper towel dispenser. Generally, the costs incurred rely on the hand dryer’s efficiency and the cost per kilowatt-hour of electricity, in your respective area. A hand dryer will mostly use about 0.03 kWh of electricity per use.

On average the U.S. cost comes up to $0.0995 per kWh. Therefore, the expenses for using an electric dryer come up to $14.58 per month. It works out perfectly well in the longer run – as you are saving more than $60 per month when compared to using paper towels. It clearly implies – that you have repaid the cost of an electric dryer within seven months – and it makes a better economical choice when compared to paper towels.

At Velo, starting from $250, you could purchase a reliable and high quality hand dryer.

Strike the right balance – by choosing an automatic and a speedy hand dryer

Performance should always be your top priority.

It is important to note that a high speed hand dryer is noisier when compared to a slow speed hand dryer. An ideal speedy hand dryer – will dry your hands in less than 10 seconds.

You may be an individual who is very particular about hygiene and do not plan to touch the hand dryer. In this situation, an automatic hand dryer is perfect for you. Additionally, with sensor activation and an automatic shut off feature – it is a highly functional, energy efficient and a viable option for you. 

Therefore, we recommend:

Velo Fuga: $506.00 to $610.50 

It is a modern European design available to you at an affordable price. Regarded as a highly energy efficient and one of the fastest hand dryers in the world.

The estimated hand drying time is between 10-12 seconds.
Suitable for high traffic areas like:

•    Hotels

•    Airports

•    Clubs

•    Universities

•    Sports stadiums

•    Shopping malls

•    Offices

•    Cinemas and

•    Sports centres

Velo V-Jet Hand Dryers: $1,936.00

In the Velo product range – The Velo V-Jet is the most exclusive hand dryer.
When compared to its competitors – it is super fast, quiet and highly energy efficient as well. Hand drying time is estimated to be between 10-15 seconds. In addition, you will notice up to 85% of energy savings from this state-of-the-art product.

 Velo Veltia Tri-Blade: $1,496.00

Your hands will dry between 6-8 seconds. It features twin and highly durable brush motors. Additionally, it is anti-bacterial, contains a HEPA filter, a water drainage and odour neutraliser system.

Moreover, there is variety of colours to choose from – and you will receive a 5-year warranty! 


Velo can help you pick the right hand dryer for your business!

At Velo, we have a wide range of hand dryers at affordable prices. You will be delighted because our high quality products add a great level of functionality and the chic factor.

If you have any queries regarding any of our hand dryers – call up our team at 0416 398 555 or you can send us a fax at 02 9844 5445. 
On the other hand, you can also drop us a query by filling up our contact form. If you are in Chatswood, Sydney – feel free to drop by our store. Our professional and customer friendly team will be delighted to see you!