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Xlerator Hand Dryer vs Velo Veltia Fusion

In the age of heightened hygiene awareness, the choice between hand dryers and traditional paper towels has never been more significant. Hand dryers have emerged as the superior option, not only for their eco-friendliness but also for their efficiency in promoting cleanliness and convenience.

Get ready to elevate your restroom experience with Velo Veltia Fusion or Xlerator Hand Dryer, the dynamic duo revolutionizing hand hygiene. Both are champions of sustainability, efficiency, and modernity, setting a new standard for restroom aesthetics and functionality. Discover which one suits your preferences and needs for the ultimate hand-drying experience!

How Velo Veltia Fusion Stacks Up Against Xlerator Hand Dryer




Hand Drying time (s)

6-12 s

8 s

Power Rating (W)

600-833 W

1160-1490 W

Noise level (dbA)

66-71 dbA

70-72 dbA

Height x Width x Depth (mm)

165mm x 177.5mm x 277.5 mm

298.45mm x 322.26mm x169.86mm

Weight (kg)

3 kg

6.8-7.7 kg

Case Construction

ABS Plastic

Stainless Steel

Odour Neutralizer System



HEPA Filter



2 Speed Settings (Turbo / Eco)



2 Nozzle Types (Blade / Multijet)



Variety Of Colours Available


Limited Colours


5 Years

7 Years





$AUD 995.50

$AUD $634.53 - 1079.032

How The Velo Veltia Fusion Hand Dryer Compares With The Xlerator Hand Dryer

Fast hand drying time

Velo Veltia Fusion redefines the hand-drying game with an unparalleled speed that's truly a cut above the rest. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, it ensures that users experience not just efficiency, but an almost instantaneous drying process. No more lingering in front of the dryer – Velo Veltia Fusion gets the job done in record time, making it the go-to choice for those who value a quick and seamless hand-drying experience.


Cheaper power bills

In the pursuit of efficiency, Velo Veltia Fusion not only excels in speed but also boasts an impressively low power rating. This not only translates to cost savings but showcases a commitment to sustainability. It's not just a hand dryer; it's a conscious choice that aligns with modern eco-friendly practices, proving that high performance can coexist with energy efficiency.


Quiet drying

Enter a haven of calm and efficiency where Velo Veltia Fusion's quiet operation outshines its competitors. Here, the emphasis on speed seamlessly coexists with the serenity of the restroom environment. Users can relish in a peaceful hand-drying experience, knowing that Velo Veltia is notably quieter than the Xlerator, creating an ambience that strikes a perfect balance between efficiency and tranquillity.


Hygienic Brilliance

While both Velo Veltia Fusion and Xlerator boast HEPA filters for top-notch hygiene, Velo Veltia takes it a step further. The incorporation of an odour neutralizer ensures not only the removal of impurities but also leaves a refreshing, clean scent in the air. It's an innovative touch that elevates the standard of hand hygiene, making Velo Veltia Fusion a comprehensive solution for a fresh and clean restroom experience.


Style and Colour Variety

Velo Veltia Fusion is not just a hand dryer; it's a design statement. With an extensive range of colours, it transforms the restroom into a space of aesthetic appeal. Whether it's a bold statement or a subtle accent, the variety of vibrant options allows users to customize their restroom experience, showcasing that functionality can indeed be beautifully tailored.

Why Choose Velo?

Opting for Velo Veltia over Xlerator signifies a choice for unparalleled hand-drying excellence. Velo Veltia excels with the fastest drying time, a low power rating, and notably quieter operation, setting it apart from Xlerator hand dryer Australia.


For those concerned about the price, it's important to note that the Xlerator hand dryer price range covers both cheap and expensive variants. However, when considering the investment, Velo Veltia stands out with features that truly justify the cost.


If you’re seeking innovation and style, visit to place your order now and enjoy free delivery across Australia, elevating your restroom experience to new heights.