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Dyson Tap Hand Dryer vs Velo Concept3

Properly drying your hands is an important part of maintaining good hand hygiene. Using hand dryers is considered the most effective method when it comes to eliminating bacteria on your hands.

However, with so many options available on the market, it is a good idea to do some research before you settle on a hand dryer brand for your business. While Dyson and VELO have both been recommended as leading hand dryers, make sure that you consider the differences between these two manufacturers and their leading models.

In this blog post, we'll find out about the two advanced hand drying solutions, mainly focusing on the Dyson Tap Hand Dryer and the Velo Concept3. Find out the features, advantages, and unique attributes of Dyson Tap and Velo Concept3 so you can know the best choice!

Velo Concept3 stacks up against Dyson Tap Hand Dryer


Velo Concept3

Dyson Bi-Tap Wash and Dry Hand Dryer

Drying Time

14-15 s


Power Rating (W)

1200 W

1500 W

Noise level (dbA)

65 dbA

67-72 dBA

Height x Width x Depth (mm)


330mmx213mmx170 mm

Case Construction

Anodized aluminum

Chrome-plated brass

HEPA Filter



3 in 1 Hand Dryer/Tap/Soap Dispenser



Variety Of Colours Available




5 years

3 years




Price Ex GST


Innovation Faceoff: Velo Concept3 Hand Dryer vs. Dyson Tap and Hand Dryer

Fast Drying Time

In the showdown of drying times, Velo Concept3 and Dyson Tap and Hand Dryer go head-to-head, offering an almost identical drying time. Whether you choose Velo Concept3 or Dyson Tap, you can expect your hands to be dry in no time, making restroom visits efficient and quick.


Cheaper Power Bills

When it comes to power efficiency, Velo Concept3 wins with a lower power rating than Dyson Tap hand dryer. This not only makes it an environmentally friendly choice but also translates to potential savings on your power bills. Choosing Velo means not just drying your hands efficiently but doing so with a smaller ecological footprint.


Silent Drying Efficiency

When it comes to the noise factor, Velo Concept3 takes the lead over the Dyson Tap with dryer as the quietest hand dryer in this lineup. It's designed for a soothing restroom environment, ensuring a peaceful drying experience that doesn't disrupt the calm of your surroundings.


Touchless Operation

Both the Velo Concept3 and the Dyson Tap Hand Dryer go the extra mile to cater to your health standards. They eliminate the need for surface contact by featuring touchless sensors that activate not only the hand dryer but also the soap dispenser and tap. This touchless operation is a valuable addition in today's hygiene-conscious world.


Stunning Design

For those who appreciate the power of personalization and desire a hand dryer that seamlessly blends with their restroom's unique style, Velo Concept3 emerges as the go-to choice. It steals the spotlight by offering a broader range of finishes compared to Dyson. If you're into customization and want a hand dryer that complements your restroom's style, Velo is your go-to choice!


Why Choose Velo?

Velo Concept3 is engineered to deliver a hand-drying experience that not only meets but exceeds modern expectations. With energy-efficient mechanisms and eco-friendly considerations, choosing Velo represents a commitment to reducing your environmental footprint.

Beyond functionality, Velo Concept3 showcases an aesthetic appeal that sets it apart. Its design philosophy goes beyond the ordinary, offering a harmonious blend of form and function. So, why settle for the ordinary when Velo Concept3 offers a design that stands apart? Place your order now and enjoy free delivery across Australia!