There has always been a dispute over which is more hygienic, paper towels or hand dryers.  However, with a V-jet hand dryer, you can enjoy the most hygienic hand drying experience on the market. It is one of the most exclusive jet hand dryers in the VELO product range and considered the most hygienic hand dryer. This is a low noise hand dryer which is super fast and less energy consuming. It has an approximate drying time of 10-15 seconds and comes in a vandal resistant ABS plastic casing for easy installation in any high traffic area.

Where To Use High Speed Hand Dryer?

Our V-jet hand dryer is capable of drying almost 300+ hands per day therefore it is an ideal choice for all commercial and industrial places including restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas, universities, airports, hotels, sports centres, and theatres. It comes with a proper water drainage system saving your floor from getting wet and making it easy to maintain and clean.

Variety Of Colours In Hand Dryer Hygiene

The Velo V-Jet is available in a wide range of different colours such as champagne, red, atlantic blue and orange in addition to contemporary white and black colours so that you can compliment your hand dryer with your interiors.

We also offer HEPA filters and Zerosmell gel pads and recommend that they are changed every three months to maintain the efficiency of the hand dryers and deliver a pleasant bathroom experience.

Benefits Of High Speed Hand Dryer

  • Low energy consumption
  • Up to 300+ hands drying per day
  • Low noise level
  • Sleek and modern design to compliment interior
  • Vandal resistant casing
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