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Redefine the Art of Hand Drying With Velo Hand Dryers

Experience the perfect blend of technology and sustainability with Velo Hand Dryers. We redefine the standards for commercial hand dryers, emphasizing performance, low noise, reliability, and eco-consciousness. Our energy-efficient hand dryers provide superior hygiene, are cost-effective, and promote a healthier planet. With Velo hand dryers, you're choosing an eco-friendly approach to commercial hand drying solutions, ensuring hygiene and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.

Experience the Difference

Harness the power of innovation and bid farewell to soggy hands with our cutting-edge technology. Upgrade your washroom experience with Velo Hand Dryers and unlock a world of untapped potential!

Innovative Design

Our hand dryers boast sleek and modern designs. Crafted with precision, they integrate seamlessly with any interior. Experience elegance and functionality in one.

Uncompromising Quality

Expect long-lasting performance and unmatched satisfaction. Every Velo Hand Dryer undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it stands up to daily demands.


Reduce waste, conserve energy, and minimize your carbon footprint. Our hand dryers don't just serve your immediate needs, they care for the planet too.

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5-7Year 5 - 7 Years
Savings Savings
Sustainability Sustainability
Variety of colors Variety Of Colours
Hygienic Hygienic
Leasing Leasing
Manufactured in Europe Manufactured in Europe
Installing Manufactured in Europe
Performance Performance
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