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Velo Windflow Hand Dryer - Stainless Steel - 5 Year Warranty

Low-Medium traffic hand dryers 100-300 uses per day Operation: Electronic automatic infra-red s...
$495.00 $451.00
Ex Tax: $410.00

Velo Windflow Hand Dryer - White Steel - 5 Year Warranty

Low-Med traffic hand dryers 100-300 uses per day Operation: Electronic automatic infr...
Ex Tax: $450.00


The Windflow is one of the most conventional looking hand dryers on the market but its performance is exceptional. It’s a hot air hand dryer which speedily blows hot air to dry hands in a minimum time of 20 seconds.  It has an anti-vandalism design which means it can be installed in all commercial and industrial areas. It reduces the need to purchase paper towels and saves you money on cleaning and maintenance.

Premium Range Of Windflow Hand Dryer In Australia

Manufactured in Europe with sturdy stainless steel material and electronic automatic infra-red sensors, our range includes VELO windflow hand dryer – stainless steel and VELO windflow hand dryer – white steel.  It provides great energy efficiency and has the capacity to d up to 100-300 hands per day.

Application Of Windflow Hand Dryer

This vandal proof hand dryer range can be installed in all medium-high traffic areas such as hospitals, restaurants, offices, theatres, schools, airports, cafes, production facilities and everywhere there is a need for an efficient low-noise hand dryer.

Benefits Of Installing Windflow Hand Dryer

  • It has a low noise level and high energy efficiency level
  • Its high speed dries hand in 20 seconds time
  • It has a stainless steel casing that do not get rusted
  • It is a vandal proof hand dryer
  • It comes with a parts and labour warranty
  • Easy installation in compact and small areas
  • Minimal maintenance required