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Velo Air Tap Hand Dryer - Brass - 5 Year Warranty

  Automatic electronic hand dryer in chromed brass. Model for mounting on countertop. ...
$1,391.50 $1,265.00
Ex Tax: $1,150.00

Velo Concept3 Hand Dryer - 5 Year Warranty

**PLEASE NOTE 4 WEEK LEAD TIME** The Concept3 is a revolutionary addition to the Velo collection....
$2,475.00 $2,145.00
Ex Tax: $1,950.00

Velo have solved the biggest hand dryer problem for facilities managers

What is the biggest problem you encounter with hand dryer installation? The feedback received at Velo HQ is that drips of water from the sink to hand dryer cause slip hazards and harbour germs and smells in bathrooms, requiring constant management and cleaning.
At Velo we are all about design and innovation, but only if it brings benefit and a superior hand drying performance. We disrupted the hand dryer market with our ‘better than Dyson’ Veltia Tri-Blade, and we believe that our new AirTap and futuristic looking Concept3 hand dryers are set to shake up the hand dryer industry once more. 

Velo AirTap and Concept3 hand dryers make your life easier

What makes our two new hand dryer models so different from the rest? The  major difference is that our hand dryers sit at the sink and on the countertop! That’s right, no wall installation. Both units are easily installed at the sink area, giving a personal experience for the user and removes the need for patrons to move from the sink to dry their hands. 
No more drips or shaking wet hands because there is a queue. No more paper towels strewn across the floor. No more drips of dirty water causing slip hazards and muddy footprints. Your bathroom stays fresher, cleaner and requires less cleaning checks and management.

Velo AirTap Hand Dryer

  • Convenient at sink air drying
  • Quick drying
  • Space saving
  • Ideal for high foot traffic bathrooms
  • Easy installation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Low noise
  • Touch sensor
  • Velo Concept3 Hand Dryer

  • Unique design
  • Wash, soap and dry all at the sink
  • Touch sensor for each function
  • Quick drying
  • Space saving
  • Easy installation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Range of modern finishes
  • Vandal resistant
  • Ideal for high traffic bathrooms

  • ​Contact our expert Velo team today to find out just how easy and economical it is to install our new range of AirTap and Concept3 hand dryers. Game changers for the hand dryer industry and set to make facilities and building managers lives a whole lot easier while providing a convenient and hygienic experience for bathroom users across Australia.
    Be part of the next generation of hand dryer performance, innovation and bathroom management.