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The Barber Shop - Installs Velo Thin Hand Dryers

The Barber Shop

The Barber Shop is a new wave of grooming salons for men which are popping up in Sydney. There are two barber shops in both York Street and the new Barangaroo precinct, offering a fresh twist on the bygone era of the vintage barbershop. Instead of dated 90’s decor, bright, flickering fluorescent tubes and black plastic chairs of high street hairdressers This Is The Barber Shop offers an old-school experience with a modern vibe. They even have a cocktail bar tucked away down the back to enjoy a cocktail or two when the sun starts to fade.

Being a Sydney city venue and housing a small bar, This Is The Barber Shop needed to maximise the tiny bathroom space and choose a low noise hand dryer. HPA Group had exactly what they needed! We installed five Velo thin hand dryers. The hand dryer protrudes just 100mm from the wall, yet still packs a punch drying hands quickly to get patrons back to the bar in seconds. Its European styling fits well with the This Is The Barber Shop aesthetic and although small, this thin hand dryer is tough and vandal resistant, for those rare times someone may have had one martini too many. With five years warranty, the Velo thin hand dryer will be around as long as the old barbershop vibe.