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Velo Fusion Hand Dryer - Orange

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Velo Fusion Hand Dryer - Black Velo Fusion Hand Dryer - Champagne Velo Fusion Hand Dryer - Grey Velo Fusion Hand Dryer - Light Blue Velo Fusion Hand Dryer - Red Velo Fusion Hand Dryer - White Velo Fusion Hand Dryer - Yellow

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The Velo Fusion UVC (Ultra Violet) is arguably one of the most hygienic hand dryers on the market. It is a high speed, super energy efficient hand dryer with an inbuilt UVC disinfection led light as well as HEPA filter. The UVC light is totally integrated inside the hand dryer and only operates when the hand dryer is active destroying all bacteria, fungus, spores and viruses.

VFusion is a new revolutionary hand dryer that operates in two different speeds, TURBO or ECO mode.

The VFusion works with an automatic sensor (VELTIA Laser Eye) and it provides very fast hand drying from 6 seconds.

​VFusion has also two type of nozzles:

  • Multi-Jet, multiple holes to distribute the air evenly across your hands.
  • Blade, air is focused in one zone on your hands.

VFusion includes a zero smell omission system and HEPA filter (removing 99.97% germs and bacteria).

VFusion is very suitable not only for public restrooms but also for hotel rooms, being the perfect substitute of towels.

VFusion can be installed in private bathrooms of hotel rooms, as both air outlets are patented with the ADS (Acoustic Dampening System), producing a quiet sound, similar to that of a hair dryer.

The covers are designed to be interchangeable and available in 12 finishes as well as the option to have bespoke colours and designs.


  • Choice Of Two Power Setttings: Turbo or Eco
  • Choice Of 2 Air Outlets - Blade and Multi Jet
  • Speed Range: 6 - 12 seconds
  • Power Consumption Range: 600-833 W
  • Noise Level Range: 66 dB - 71 dB
  • Acoustic Dampening System
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • Dimensions: 16.5cm x 17.75cm x 27.75cm
  • Automatic Operation - Laser Sensor
  • Colours: Wide Range Of Colour Change Available
  • Vandal Proof ABS Polymer
  • 5 Year Warranty - 5 Year Parts | 3 year labour
  • HEPA Filter
  • Zero Smell Gel Fragrance System

UV-C Ultraviolet Light and its Germicidal Effect

UV-C ultraviolet technology is a very useful non-chemical method to kill viruses and destroy harmful microorganisms by deactivating and making them harmless or non-existent.

The germicidal range of UV ultraviolet light is within the wavelength of 100-280 nanometers, known as UV-C, with a maximum wavelength for germicidal activity of 260 nanometers.

This range of ultraviolet UV light is absorbed by the DNA and RNA of the microorganisms, causing changes in the structure of the DNA and RNA, making the microorganisms unable to replicate. A cell that cannot reproduce is considered dead as it cannot multiply to infectious numbers within the host.

This is the reason why UV disinfection is sometimes called ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI)

Use of Ultraviolet Lamps as Germicides

The bulb of an ultraviolet light (UV-C) lamp produces short-wave radiation between 100 and 280 nanometers in the electromagnetic spectrum. These wavelengths are lethal to viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores.

HEPA H13 Air Filter

One of our most effective bacteria control methods is using high-efficiency HEPA air filters that retains 99.97% of airbone particles and bacteria.
HEPA is the acronym for High Efficiency Particle Arresting. It is a large capacity filter that can trap a large quantity of micro particles such as pollen, bacteria, dust
and that is positioned as one of the best and most effective air purifiers on the market thanks to its high efficiency and effectiveness.

About ZeroSmell®

ZeroSmell not only neutralizes bad odors within the surrounding area, but leaves a slight and pleasant fragrance which increases the user’s experience and perception. ZeroSmell ® is an innovative product that can be used to remove bad odors. With the maximum level of efficiency in areas where bad smells are usually present in both domestic and professional environments.

Currently, there is no other product on the market as effective as ZeroSmell ®. Most other products are usually air fresheners that only cover the bad smell with perfumes. They claim to eliminate bad odors when they actually only cover them.

It's ideal for high traffic areas including hels, airports, clubs, universities, sports stadiums, shopping malls, offices and cinemas.



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