velo tri-blade vs dyson airblade


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Self Standing Toilet Brush Black Series

Chormed container self-standing toilet brush Material: ABS Black with chromed support Dimensi...
Ex Tax: $100.93

Wall Mounted Toilet Brush Black Series

Velo offer one of the most stylish and innovative designs in wall mounted balck toilet brush holders...
Ex Tax: $73.04




An ideal washroom’s accessories should have to be more interesting. With a variety of modern toilet brushes, you can discover a design that'll magnificently complement your existing washroom decor. Introduce a touch of elegant function to your bathroom with the Velo Toilet Brush. Our toilet brush options include self-standing and wall mounted toilet brush in black and classic chrome effect designs. 

Transform the washroom fundamentals into a stylish statement with our range of luxury toilet brushes. They are carefully designed to keep a toilet easily and hygienically clean.  You’ll find simplistic shapes, designer styles and trend driven color to perfectly complement existing bathroom accessories for a coordinated finish.

Self-Standing Toilet Brush

Velo offers European manufactured, self-standing toilet brushes to keep your washroom neat and clean. Its adjustable designs can reach under the edge, and its hygiene plastic stop spreader of germs. These toilet brushes are finished in beautiful ABS plastic materials with soft touches to gives you a pleasant feel and look.

Wall Mounted Toilet Brush

Toilet brushes don’t have to be an insanitary item that sits next to your toilet; they can also add a statement to your washroom. Choosing a wall mounted toilet brush can add an extra hint of luxury statement to your washroom space. Moreover all of our toilet brushes are finished in a stylish material such as chrome, not tacky or cheap plastic.

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