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Aluminium-Nylon Bathroom Stool

Made of aluminum coated with white Nylon. Maximum dimensions: 420 high x 550 wide x 320 deep m...
Ex Tax: $254.46

Aluminum-Nylon Bathroom Stool

  Made of aluminum coated with white Nylon. Maximum dimensions: 250 high x 355 wide x ...
Ex Tax: $217.90

White ABS Bathstool

Bathroom stools Material: ABS Dimensions: 440 height x 390 width x 390 depth (mm) .....
Ex Tax: $53.95

White Polypropylene Bathstool With Adjustable Feet

Bathroom stools with aluminium adjustable feet Material: Aluminium and white polandpropandlene ...
Ex Tax: $181.62

White Polypropylene Bathstool With Stainless Steel Feet

Bathroom stools Material: AISI 304 Stainless steel and white polandpropandlene Dimensions: 40...
Ex Tax: $176.20


Shower stools are ideal for people who have difficulty standing for long periods or who need support when carrying out activities in the shower, such as washing their hair or cleaning the lower part of their body. A stool in shower provides adequate support while allowing easy access into and out of the shower. Due to their small frame, bath and shower safety seat stool are suited to smaller spaces.

Composition of Shower Stools

 These shower stools for sale are made of aluminum coated with white nylon, AISI 304 stainless steel and white polypropylene and ABS plastic material.  These Shower stools for elderly people are provided with non-slip holders that allows a safe shower on wet floor. Seat is designed to prevent the water accumulation and drain out easily.

Shower Stool Range

To facilitate a proper shower seat in bathrooms during shower a wide range from small corner shower foot stool to extra wide shower stool with a variety of features to suit the user is available. You can select from an aluminum-nylon bathroom stool to white polypropylene bath stool with adjustable feet, white polypropylene bath stool with adjustable stainless steel feet and white ABS bath stool.

Shower Stool Application

It is a perfect tool to be used in all areas with wet floors such as bathrooms, shower rooms, washing rooms, and laundries to sit comfortably while performing bathing, cleaning and washing activities. Equally suitable for residential bathrooms and hotels, restaurants, medical facilities, sports clubs, gyms etc.

Benefits of Shower Stool

  • Durability, resistance and easy to clean
  • Impervious plastic seat
  • Adjustable legs for height adjustment
  • Aluminum coated with white nylon
  • Anti slip holders on each leg for stability
  • Hygienic with proper water drainage
  • Provides support on uneven surfaces
  • Removable seating