Refurbished hand dryers


With an industry experience of more than 20 years, we are the largest importers and suppliers of new and used hand dryers. We are offering a wide range of European engineered, efficient and high quality used hand dryers for sale at discounted prices. Our second hand dryers can be comfortable placed for usage at residential or commercial facilities.

We believe in delivering quality products with highly appreciated services. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you for everything regarding your purchase. Starting from the right selection of used hand dryers for sale to the professional installation and after-sales advice on using our high-quality refurbished dryers is what help us expanding our satisfied client base.

Residential and Commercial Hand Dryers’ Range

Our discount hand dryer range is comprehensive and accommodates both residential and commercial purposes. Tailoring to different needs of our clients, our discount hand dryers for bathrooms in home and at commercial places are offered at more than 60% discounted prices which contributes to further cutting your costs up to 95% cost in comparison to the paper towels and 70% reduction in energy costs over other conventional hand dryers.

The Velo 2nd hand dryer is available in white, Blue and black colors and suitable for a wide variety of low - medium traffic situations like cafes, doctors rooms, small offices, restaurants and theatres. It is a beautifully designed low cost and low noise machine for sound sensitive areas.

Reliable refurbished hand dryers

Our second hand dryers are reliable and work just as perfect as the new ones so you can be rest assured that; if you install used commercial hand dryers at any of your business or office facility, it will work efficiently without recalling for frequent maintenance and servicing costs. Being a largest importer, we enjoy a wide range of customers including distributors, resellers, contractors, interior designers, facility mangers and end users. Our experienced team assists each customer with its specific need and guide to the best of the product and their purchase experience.

Doesn’t matter if you are located in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, our used hand dryers for sale can be ordered 24/7 from anywhere in Australia simply by placing an order on our website. Convenience is always at the core of our aims so we offer a range of payment options including Master Card, VISA, PayPal, and direct deposits to better facilitate our clients with their online purchase.

If you are looking for a second hand dryer for sale near you, calling VELO on 1300 HPA GROUP or emailing us at [email protected] can end your search and believe us, you will never repent your decision of buying our high quality 2nd hand discounted hand dryers at such a good price.

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