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Hygienic Bag Dispenser Black Series

Material: ABS Black soft touch black  Dimensions: 95 height x 135 width x 32 depth (mm) ...
Ex Tax: $37.76

Hygienic Bag Dispenser for Commercial Bathrooms

Hygienic bag dispensers are a great way to offer an extra level of hygiene and protection to users of commercial bathrooms and washrooms. They are small, discreet, take up little space and offer the user a supply of hygienic bags to use when necessary. The dispenser ensures less clutter and easy removal by hand without contaminating the remaining bags.

Hygienic bag dispensers can be fitted anywhere in a bathroom depending on their intended use. They often come in a molded design with a two-screw hole mechanism to ensure a flush fitting to the wall and also easy refill for cleaning and facilities staff.

Velo’s Hygienic Bag Dispensers Uses

  • Mother and baby rooms.  Mother and baby rooms or any bathroom which offers a baby change table should supply some form of plastic bag dispenser. This will ensure immediate access to a hygienic plastic bag to dispose of nappies and used wipes, before transferring to a bin.
  • Women’s commercial bathrooms. Women’s bathroom cubicles which do not have a sanitary bin pick up service, and hotel bathrooms should have hygienic bag dispensers installed.
  • Aged care facilities require safe disposal of wipes, incontinence pads and other minor medical materials. A bag dispenser gives care workers access to safe disposal.
  • Hospitals and doctor surgeries. Easy access to disposable plastic bags is essential for those working in the healthcare industry to ensure safe, hygienic disposal of medical materials.
  • Child care centers. Nurseries and childcare centers require hygienic carrier bags to dispose of nappies and other soiled items during the working day. Sealing these waste items in a bag before disposal ensures no bad smells or spread of germs.

Velo offer a sturdy, highly durable hygienic bag dispenser which can be used to increase the hygiene and protection of your commercial office or medical facility.