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Veltia Tri-Blade Installed Canberra University Hospital

Canberra University Centre For Rehabilitation Recovery and Research will be one of the largest rehabilitation centres in the ACT and is due for completion in July 2018.

The centre will support those recovering from injury and surgery as well as supporting those recovering from mental health issues. It will become a busy hub, with high foot traffic and patients who are looking to recover from serious medical issues.

The Veltia Tri-Blade dryer was chosen by Lawrence and Hansen electrical wholesalers for a wide range of reasons. The centre is an innovative hospital for research and a large investment for the ACT. Design, efficiency, technology and hygiene benefits were all taken into consideration over those of other hand dryers on the market.


The Veltia Tri-Blade has a contemporary design which fits seamlessly into any commercial bathroom. In particular, the sleek, space saving design was chosen to maximise the space in high foot traffic bathrooms. 


Technology is key if you want to ‘future proof’ equipment so it lasts many years before becoming outdated and in need of replacement. The Veltia Tri-Blade offers many technology benefits such as quick 8-10 second hand drying, perfect for busy bathrooms and low noise which was a great benefit considering many patients with mental health issues will use the bathrooms. The moulded design and water tank also captures water dripping off hands for easy maintenance and replacement..
Low energy consumption is also a huge benefit when costs in the health service need to be spent as efficiently as possible.


Being a hospital, hygiene was key to the hand dryer decision making process. The Veltia Tri-Blade offers many hygienic benefits over those of a standard hand dryer. Antibacterial units and odour neutralising technology is a plus for medical centres and the design means that excess water is collected in the unit and not dripping on the floor, become a slip, trip, and bacteria hazard.