Velo Big Flow Hand Dryer

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Are you happy with your current hand dryer? Looking to purchase a versatile and high performance product to replace it? The Velo Big Flow hand dryer is the solution.

Why should you go for the Velo Big Flow?


big flow hand dryer

Packed with amazing features :

Velo Big Flow is a European designed and manufactured hand dryer. It operates on a state-of-the-art technology – an electronic automatic infra-red sensor.

The hand dryer is easy to install. It weighs only 3.2kg and has a total power of 2050W. The approximate drying time is 36 seconds. It produces a low noise level of 60dB and an air speed of 65 Km/h.

Aesthetic appeal :

The Velo Big Flow is available in captivating colours like: blue, black and red. It has a robust construction that is made out of top quality ABS plastic. 

You also get to choose a stainless steel finish for a sophisticated and stylish look. The steel casing is just 1.2mm in thickness. 

Value for money :

The Velo Big Flow is available to you at an affordable price. Additionally, it comes along with a 5-year warranty. This competitively priced hand dryer is a combination of low noise and high performance.

It boasts of a sleek European design which makes it ideal for a wide variety of low to medium traffic situations. You will notice the Velo Big Flow being installed at numerous locations like: cafes, restaurants, theatres, small offices and doctor’s rooms. In addition, Velo Big Flow provides excellent vandal proofing.

No compromises on quality :

All of our products including Velo Big Flow stay abreast with the highest standards of quality – the ISO-9001:2000 certification. It is certain – you are purchasing a top quality hand dryer that guarantees all the three major processes: design, manufacturing and commercialisation. 

Technical innovation and quality are a major part of Velo products. 

Call up Velo today and you can negotiate a deal

Velo is proud to mention that we are an Australian company. Furthermore, we are glad that our products reach out to numerous businesses across the country. We would like to assist you too.

If you have any doubts or queries pertaining to the Velo Big Flow hand dryer – get in touch with us today. Our customer friendly and professional team will be happy to hear from you. We will help you with any kind of information you need pertaining to the Velo Big Flow or any of our other hand dryers.

You can call up our team at: 1300 472 47687. Alternatively, you can send us a fax at: (02) 9773 0678.  

Feel free to drop us a message or any kind of query through our contact form. If you are in Milperra, Sydney – visit our store! We are located at: Unit 16 & 15/14, Sheridan Close, Milperra, Sydney NSW 2214. We will be delighted to see you.

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