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820 ml STAINLESS STEEL liquid soap dispenser

Made in AISI 304 stainless steel, satin finish. Dimensions: 160 mm high x 105 mm wide x 91 mm d...
Ex Tax: $52.19

Liquid Soap Dispenser Black Series

Refillable liquid soap dispenser Material: ABS Black soft touch cap, translucent bodand, Chrome...
Ex Tax: $66.68

Liquid Soap Dispenser Black Series

Manufactured in black and transparent ABS. Dimensions: 216 height x 102 width x 90 depth (mm). ...
Ex Tax: $86.58

Soap Foam Dispenser Black Series

Manufactured in black and transparent ABS Dimensions: 216 height x 102 width x 129 depth (mm) ...
Ex Tax: $94.43

White 1200 ml STAINLESS STEEL liquid soap dispenser

Made in Stainless Steel AISI 304, 1 mm thickness, and one only piece. In the upper part is loca...
Ex Tax: $69.52

White ABS Liquid Soap Dispenser Classic Series

Refillable deposit unit, safety lock, content viewer Material: ABS White Dimensions: 215 heig...
Ex Tax: $27.79

Commercial Soap Dispenser Online

Soap dispensers can be a real pain for cleaning managers and facilities managers. They fall off the wall with weak adhesive strips, they clog up, and they fail to work, leaving a slimy trail of liquid soap across your bathroom. However, there are a few tricks to looking for the best liquid hand soap dispenser on the market which will improve the overall bathroom experience for users and reduce the headache poor quality hand soap dispensers can bring.  To reduce your stress Velo have different types of foaming soap dispenser so you can choose the right one for yourself.

Different Types Of Hand Soap Dispenser

It’s a common misconception that commercial soap dispensers are all pretty much the same. There are quite a few different types to choose from depending on your needs and budget.

  • Stainless steel soap dispensers are hard wearing, durable, pleasant to look at and perfect for high traffic bathrooms
  • Foaming soap dispenser removes the risk of slimy liquid soap leaks with an instant burst of light anti-bacterial foam
  • Wall-mounted soap dispensers are a must for all commercial bathrooms to reduce theft, waiting times and clutter
  • Shower liquid soap dispensers are a great alternative to shower gel bottles in commercial change rooms. Shower soap dispensers deliver a measured portion of shower gel in a clean, efficient way, keeping public and commercial shower rooms clean and hygienic.
  • Sensor foaming hand soap dispenser and an extra layer of hygiene protection by not having wet hands touch the dispenser to access the soap. Users wave their hands under the sensor and receive that perfect portion of liquid soap.

Innovation in function and design extends even to hand soap dispensers! You can purchase innovative looking black moulded ABS design soap dispensers and ones with discreet, sleek, contemporary designs that are perfect for trendy bars, hotels, and modern office spaces. Velo has a variety of wall mounted soap dispensers that are ideal for low and high traffic bathrooms. 

Our liquid soap dispenser and foam soap dispenser are available in the classic black colour, the light blue colour, white shiny colour, satin finished, and the polished stainless steel silvery colour all aim to add attraction to your entire restrooms and commercial bathrooms.

Check out Velo’s range of soap dispensers to suit any type of work environment. From a hotel bathroom to a school, hospital or office block, Velo has just the right automatic soap dispenser for you.