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Hand dryers are no more just another cost-effective replacement for paper towels.
They have come a long way and are now available in a variety of shades and cool designs.

manufactured in Europe


Velo Hand Dryers

Why Choose

Over Others?

Although there are many paybacks that we offer over other hand dryers, here are some of the major benefits of choosing us over the others:

• Our secure online store enables you to easily browse through our collection and shop online 24/7, without any hassle

• We have one of the finest and largest collections of hand dryers online, which are designed to suit any type of environment

• Our secure payment gateways facilitate safe online payment modes, such as Visa and MasterCard; however, we encourage the direct deposits as well

• Our dryers also have some of the fastest drying times around the world

• We stock some of the highest quality European engineered and manufactured hand dryers

• Velo hand dryers are highly energy efficient, reliable and durable

• Money-back guarantee – If you’re not 100% satisfied with any of our products, then you can return them within 31 days for a replacement or a full refund

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Our friendly staff would be glad to help you in finding the right hand dryer that suits your needs. If you have any concerns or confusions regarding our product range or prices, then please feel free to reach us at 1300 HPA GROUP

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We provide superior quality bathroom hand dryers, hot air hand dryers and hand dryers in Australia that are designed to pass the test of time.


Major benefits

offered by using our hand dryers

Minimal running costs

Odor neutralizing systems

Low noise

Durable and tough

Less energy consumption

Better hygiene

Superior performance

Manufactured and engineered in Europe


Our hand dryers offer you the following advantages over other hand dryers that are available in the market:

Various facilities across the globe use hand dryers to create modern, clean restrooms, which set the new standards for efficiency and sustainability.

At Velo Hand Dryers, we offer an elite range of hand dryers in Perth that are not just designed to meet your expectations of functionality, but also add an alluring appeal to your space.

Be it public areas at your workplace or your private washrooms at home, our exhaustive range of hand dryers are sure to serve you better.

When compared to the cost of using paper hand towels, our range of electric hand dryers will help you in saving up to 95% on your energy bills.

Apart from this, our hand dryers are 70% more energy efficient than other conventional hand dryers.

Offering some of the best hand dryers, we stock hot air hand dryers as well.

At Velo Hand Dryers, we source and distribute state-of-the-art hand dryers that are made using the European engineering techniques.

They are designed to suit different types of environments in the Australasian market. In order to ensure highest level of safety, reliability, energy efficiency and quality, all our hand dryers are designed in Europe’s leading laboratories.

Modern hand dryers in Perth are more than just a hand drying solution. VELO hand dryer Perth offers sleek, smart, uniquely designed and sophisticatedly colored hand dryers that are perfect to add elegance to the aesthetic of your space. 

You want a commercial hand dryer for your business or an industrial hand dryer for installation at factory, our hand dryers bespoke for its unique features and cost-effectiveness.

Based on European engineered design, VELO hand dryers are vandal proof, offer fast drying time of up to 15 seconds, odor-neutralizer, low noise making and better hygiene provider. There is a constant debate on towel paper v/s hand dryer

Air flow through VELO hand dryer is purified through HEPA filter and antibacterial materials which makes the contamination less popular and offer a hygienic drying experience as compared to conventional paper hand towels.