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See How The Velo Concept3 Compares With The Dyson Tap Hand Dryer

Due to the covid situation, the hygiene importance has raised its value even more in high foot traffic areas. Both Dyson tap and dryer and Velo concept3 hand dryer are fully innovative for the commercial bathroom use, which wash and dry hands at the sink, reducing touchpoints and with less mobility of the user in the bathroom, but both do have some significant differences.

Although Dyson Airblade Faucet and dryers offer two in one function of hand washing and drying with shortest possible time, Velo concept3 is one step ahead and provides a complete bathroom set including a hand dryer, soap dispenser, and a tap with an electric sensor this comprehensiveness of Velo Veltia as a multifunctional appliance give it a competitive edge over Airblade tap hand dryer.

Drying Time

The drying time for both the Dyson Airblade Wash & Dryer and the Velo Concept3 is an average of 14 seconds. This is slightly slower than a number of other models. The proximity of electricity to the sink and the low noise required due to multiple hand drying stations at the sink means that the pay-off is slightly longer, yet more convenient drying time. 

The Velo Veltia Fusion is built to maximise efficiency and even though the dry time is quicker by almost half, the power used to dry hands is less, which gives you cheaper power bills and ensures that Velo can continue to deliver value for money even after purchase.

Cheaper Power Bills

The one complaint about commercial hand dryers which stands out from the rest is noise pollution. Old model hand dryers can sound like a leaf blower and it can be annoying to hear time after time, but the Veltia Fusion is designed to be one of the quietest hand dryers on the market thanks to its acoustic dampening technology.

Quiet Drying

Sensors activate both washing and drying. This is an excellent choice if you are looking to introduce extra COVID-Safe measures as hands do not need to touch the units. However, the Velo Concept3 goes one step further. Whilst the Dyson Airblade offers both water and drying at the sink; users will still need to get soap from a separate dispenser. The Velo Concept3 is designed to produce liquid soap at the sink also, offering a full wash and dry at sink experience without touching any bathroom items or moving around the bathroom. This reduces water droplet spread and paper towels overflowing in bins and strewn across bathroom floors. 

Extra Health Protection

Stunning Design

The Velo Concept3 is like no other on the market when it comes to innovative and contemporary design. The ring design enables the user to move their hands around the unit to activate soap, water and then drying. The Dyson Airblade wash and dry also has a sleek three-pronged design which looks not dissimilar to contemporary taps on the market. However, Velo Concept3 dryers also have the additional choice of a range of finishes.

If you are looking to update your commercial bathroom and offer a COVID-Safe washroom experience to users, then the Velo Concept3 is the winning choice. Primarily due to its innovative auto sensor design and additional liquid soap dispenser all in one unit. 


Veltia Concept3

  • High traffic hand dryers 300+ use per day
  • Bathroom sink set with a hand dryer, soap dispenser and tap all in one with electronic sensor
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Housing made of a single piece of anodized aluminum 1.2mm thick
  • Electronic infrared sensor for the hand dryer/ soap dish/faucet when the hands are removed from the range
  • Also available in silver, gold and titanium finishes
  • Robust, anti-vandalism and safe from sharp edges
  • Durability and resistant to corrosion.
  • Estimated drying time: 14-15 seconds
  • Sound level at 2 meters: 65 dBA
  • Motor power: 1200 W
  • Manufactured In Europe
  • 5 Year Warranty - 5 Year Parts | 3-year labor
veltia fusion

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  • Concept3, is a revolutionary design for public and private washroom spaces. The new design is available in four standard finishes; silver, titanium, black and gold with other finishes and colours being available on demand.  The unit integrates Air, Water & Soap which are all activated using touch free sensors. 

World's smartest 
hand dryers.


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  • Ionshield Air Purification & Acoustic Dampening technology
  • Comprehensive 5-7 year warranty
  • Sleek, minimalistic European design
  • The largest range of hand dryers to suit all budgets and environments
  • Variety of colours & bespoke designs available
  • Low energy consumption and dependence on natural resources
  • Lower running costs - Save 85% compared with conventional dryers & save 95% compared with paper towels
  • Low noise levels

Why Velo hand dryers?

Technical Innovation


Environmental Responsibility

Dyson Tap Hand Dryer vs Velo Concept3

Velo concept3 hand dryer offers a different range of colours that will complement the decor of your restroom and all services are almost 25% less in cost than the Dyson Air tap and dryer. With our Velo, you just simply end up with wonderful savings in a multifunctional investment of a hand dryer.