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Fusion hand dryer


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Hand Drying time (s)


Power Use (W)

Noise level (dbA)

Height x Width x Depth (mm)

Weight (kg)

Case Construction

Odour Neutralizer System

HEPA Filter

2 Speed Settigs (Turbo / Eco)

2 Nozzle Types (Blade / Multijet)

Variety Of Colours Available



Price Ex GST



164.5 x 177.4 x 277.4


Vandal resistant ABS

5 years





267.0 x 188.0 x 307.0



5 years




See How The Velo Veltia Fusion Hand Dryer Compares With The Bobrick Hand Dryer

One of the most common complaints and questions that arise when choosing a hand dryer is noise.  Let’s face it; most commercial hand dryers give off a jarring, loud noise as a warm blast of air dries your hands.  You can forget having a conversation or a peaceful demeanour when that powerful air blast with decibels louder than a freight train hits your ears.

The commercial hand dryer industry knows that this is a big pain point for customers, and today you can find several quieter hand dryers to choose from. However, how do you choose the right one and get the best drying experience for your budget?

Half The 

Drying Time

What if we told you the Velo Veltia Fusion dried hands in a third of the time at an amazing 6 seconds without compromising on design or noise levels.  The quick drying time makes the Fusion the perfect choice for high traffic bathrooms.

Did you know that the Velo Fusion hand dryer uses less energy than competitors like the Bobrick Automatic Hand Dryer? Budgets need to be met, and your commercial washroom expenditure could come down by moving from using paper towels and power-sucking hand dryers to the Velo Fusion.

Cheaper Power Bills

The Velo Fusion has kicked the Bobrick Quietdry hand dryer to the kerb with its average usage noise sitting at 66-71DBA vs an average of 70DBA of the Bobrick Quietdry.

Quiet Drying

Sure, the Bobrick hand dryer offers a quieter hand drying experience, but what other health benefits are on offer?  With the Velo, Fusion comes extra germ protection with HEPA filters which removes 99.7% of germs and bacteria that spray up in the air and fine water droplets. The Velo Fusion also comes with a zero smell fragrance system which destroys the musty, unpleasant smells and odours which hang in the air. Leaving your bathroom with that fresh just cleaned feel whenever anyone enters. With health and hygiene being a real priority in today’s workplaces, it’s worth having that extra layer of protection.

Extra Health Protection

Style & Colour

Both models come in a wide range of colours and finishes to update your commercial washrooms for a contemporary look and feel. The Velo Fusion can also be manufactured in corporate branded and bespoke designs.

If you’re looking for quiet, quick hand drying times and a hand dryer with colour, style and extra health and hygiene protection. The Velo Fusion is your first choice.

Choose the Velo Veltia Fusion today and transform your commercial bathroom.



  • Super fast and energy efficient 
  • One of the quietest jet hand dryers in its class 
  • Only hand dryer to have 4 different energy and speed settings
  • Patented odour neutraliser system ensures your bathroom smelling fresh 
  • Long life motor ensures the hand dryer will go the distance
  • Fire retardant outer shell casing
  • Variety of colours and bespoke design available
  • 5 year warranty
  • Manufactured in Europe 
veltia fusion

Velo Features

  • Velo Fusion is the new revolutionary hand dryer that operates in two different speeds, TURBO or ECO mode.
  • Velo Fusion works with an automatic sensor (VELTIA Laser Eye) and it provides very fast hand drying from 6 seconds.
  • Velo Fusion includes a zero smell omission system and HEPA filter (removing 99.97% germs and bacteria).
  • Velo Fusion is very suitable not only for public restrooms but also for hotel rooms, being the perfect substitute of paper hand towels.

World's smartest 
hand dryers.


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  • The fastest, most energy efficient and hygienic hand dryers on the market
  • Ionshield Air Purification & Acoustic Dampening technology
  • Comprehensive 5-7 year warranty
  • Sleek, minimalistic European design
  • The largest range of hand dryers to suit all budgets and environments
  • Variety of colours & bespoke designs available
  • Low energy consumption and dependence on natural resources
  • Lower running costs - Save 85% compared with conventional dryers & save 95% compared with paper towels
  • Low noise levels

Why Velo hand dryers?

Technical Innovation


Environmental Responsibility

Bobrick QuietDry Hand Dryer vs Velo Veltia Fusion

Case Study


Optiver decided to make the switch from paper towels to hand dryers for their Sydney head office based in Hunter St, Sydney.  

They elected to go for the new Velo Fusion hand dryer as it not only dries hands in 6 seconds, but is super energy efficient and most importantly produces low noise. The accoustic dampening system reduces noise levels down to 66 dBa, so it only produces as much noise as a household hair dryer.