Dyson Airblade Vs Velo Veltia Tri-Blade Hand Dryer

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Velo Veltia Tri-Blade Vs Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer

Dyson Airbladev Velo Veltia Tri-Blade Hand Dryer - In this video you will see how the Velo Tri-Blade hand dryer stacks up against the Dyson Airblade hand dryer not only just on features but you will also see how the Dyson Airblade price exceeds that of the Velo Tri-Blade.

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Velo Veltia Tri-Blade Hand Dryer Vs Dyson Air Blade

With a number of hand dryer options available in the market, selecting the right one could be a difficult task. It is always best to do some comparison testing before settling for an option. While Velo Veltia has been recommended by many customers, make sure you compare it with one of the leading models so that you can be certain that you made the right decision. 

Let’s compare Dyson Airblade v Velo Veltia Tri-blade

Hand drying time
From the customer viewpoint, drying time is the most important feature. While the Dyson Airblade hand dryer would dry hands in about 10 seconds, Velo Veltia will do the same job in just 6-8 seconds. With its high speed dryers, the Veltia can beat any dryer available in the market.

Noise level
Ah yes, the noise that these dryers make. While it cannot be completely eliminated, the Veltia has lowered it to 74 dB. Compare to Dyson Airblade db of 84 dB. So while the hand drying is fast, it is also pretty noise-free.

Power Rating
The Veltia has a power rating of 1760, while the Air Blade has a rating of 1600. This means that Velo Veltia consumes about 3.8W per use, and Dyson Airblade uses about 4.4W per use.

Given the super speed and incredible abilities of Velo Veltia, you might think that it would be a heavy model. Well guess what, the Veltia weighs only 9.55 kg, while the Airblade is heavier and weighs 14.55 kg – that’s more than 1.5 times!

Other features
Here are some features that you’ll find in Velo Veltia that are absent in the Airblade: odour neutraliser system, water drainage system, and a range of colours.

As you can compare and see, Velo Veltia scores higher points than Dyson Airblade hand dryer on several features. Does that mean that it is costlier? Actually, Velo Veltia is cheaper – it costs $1,350 while the Dyson airblade price is $1,490. So which one is the bargain deal?

Check out our Dyson Airblade v Velo Veltia Tri-blade comparison video and chart below.


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