What are Bathroom Fixtures and Fittings?

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If you’re considering redesigning your bathroom and confused about the terminologies found in the market for different types of bathroom fixtures and fitting then this blog will help you understand what are bathroom accessories? and make a decision easily when it comes to different bathroom accessories. From bathtubs to toilet roll holders to mirror cabinets and soap dispensers, this blog will discuss the washroom accessories list and bathroom fixtures list for your to consider and understand the difference between the two.


Bathroom Fixtures and Fittings

A bathroom fixture is a permanent feature of your bathroom that is plumbed or wired in and you cannot easily move or remove these fixtures without renovation work such as bathtubs, toilets and sinks.
The bathroom sanitary fittings are elements that you include in your bathroom in addition to the permanent fixtures. Unlike bathroom fixtures, these fittings can be moved easily and freely such as mirrors and wall cabinets.

Types of Bathroom Fixtures and Fittings

There are so many types of bathroom fixtures and fittings therefore sometimes it can be stressful trying to decide what type of sanitary fixtures and fittings will go with your bathroom space and layout.

Here is a bathroom fixtures list for you to have an understanding of.

Bathtubs –

The bathtub adds a bit of luxury and style to your washroom and can also serve as a focal point for the whole washroom space. A bathtub is especially useful when you have children at home however if you have a small bathroom then a bathtub may not be an essential fixture. The quality and shape of the bathtub should be considered when buying one for you. Whether you want it freestanding and where you want the plug and taps to sit are all the preferences that must be considered.

Toilets -

You might be surprised that there are so many choices when it comes to selecting toilet styles. A most common style is the closed-coupled toilet; which is a single unit that stands on the floor with the cistern sitting atop the bowl. However, if you are tight on space then consider a fully back-to-wall closed coupled toilet, which is where the back of the toilet fully backs the wall. Or why not try a wall-hung toilet is another great space saver? It gives a contemporary feel to the bathrooms and is much easier to clean as compared with close-coupled toilets.  

Sinks –

The sink is the item that can add further to the stylish look of your bathroom. Material, size, and shape are a few things that must be considered when it comes to selecting the best right sink for your bathroom. The decision to how you want to mount the sink also constitutes the decision-making process.

Taps –

A sink is incomplete without taps and choosing perfect taps for the bathroom’s basin or sink and bathtub is as much about practicality as about style.  A single-hole faucet or a mono mixer tap describes a single handle that controls the water temperate from hot to cold in a more contemporary style while a centre-set tap is more traditional with one tap for hot water and one for cold. However, for an ultra-modern experience, a wall-mounted faucet attached to the wall is bespoken for the style. Brass taps are considered modern and the best taps because they are resistant to corrosion.

Here is a list of bathroom fittings

Toilet seats –

These are the most overlooked bathroom fitting which with frequent use undergo wear and tear. Toilet seats are normally made from thermoplastic or thermostat materials that are hardwearing and easy to clean. If you are looking for a vintage style, solid wood or wood effect toilet seats are a popular choice.

Wall cabinets –

Wall cabinets are the easiest way to maximize storage space in your bathroom which allows you to keep your bathroom products organised and neat. It provides a hygienic place for the toothbrushes to stay in the washroom. Wall cabinets with mirrors are a popular choice to offer a modern look. Mirrored cabinets not only provide style but also shelf spacing to work best for your products.

Washroom accessories –

Accessories such as shower baskets, soap dispensers, toilet roll holders and towel rails are the essentials to complete the convenience offered by your bathroom. or minimalistic and clean accessories in block colours while for a traditional style, opt for accessories with more intricate decoration. Choice of accessories entirely depends on your personal preferences. Practical bathroom accessories differ from user to user so decide what will work best for you and your household.

Mirrors –

Mirror constitute an important item of your bathroom that must be thought for in terms of style and overall look of your bathroom. A frameless mirror with sharp edges offers a contemporary feel, and are often more affordable. Alternatively, a rounded mirror with an intricate frame looks more traditional and can be a real statement feature. Some mirrors come with LED lighting which ensures great lighting.

Now that you are completely aware of the differences between bathroom fixtures and fittings, we hope that you can find perfect washroom accessories from VELO’s online store and style your bathroom the way you want.



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